NanoTechnology for excellent surfaces

Welcome to the heights of the Thuringian Forest

GBneuhaus (GBn) is a leading supplier of individual coating solutions that are matched to the customers’ needs. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through continuous innovations. This brings us advantages on the market in terms of techniques and technology. We invest in the latest manufacturing facilities and a high level of automation. Our coating solutions are unique for the relevant customer application.

Since its foundation in 1991, the company has been producing at its location in Neuhaus am Rennweg, on the heights of the Thuringian Forest. Our region has been one of the most important glass regions in Europe since the 12th century. Traditionally there have been a number of companies operating in the field of glass production, glass processing and special glass applications. We see ourselves as part of this tradition and started out producing coatings for low-voltage halogen capsule bulbs and pre-cut technical glass. In the following years, our company won numerous renowned customers from the fields of automotive engineering, technical building systems and medical technology as well as the chemicals and glass processing industries.

We have developed our strength with great continuity: the combination of coating material and coating process on the basis of modern nanotechnology. This led to a specialisation in small parts in the glass and plastics sector. In the meantime, we have extended our coating abilities to other substrates such as ceramic materials or metal.

Our company is strategically aligned for growth – without losing sight of the sustainability of all processes. We take our bearings from attractive markets with a potential for the future.

GBn is a learning, knowledge-based company that develops and automates for specific projects and produces to the highest quality standards. We work in a team and share our successes with all involved. The joy of a success nurtures the motivation to “work in progressive change”.